About the Artist

For over 30 years, Jay Jacobson has been an innovator in the visual arts.

At first using digital technology to correct and enhance photographs, Jay added graphic design, video production, and product development to his repertoire of technical skills. In time, as the capabilities of computer workstations grew, he became ever more attracted by the computer’s potential for creating entire virtual worlds.

Frustrated by the limitations of commercially available software, Jay has developed unique image-creation techniques combining traditional media, fractal geometry, and special effects wizardry. The result is an art form that he has named Fractalism.

Drawn into the immense detail of the image, each viewer perceives a scene of improbable objects, alien landscapes, and fanciful creatures, depending on the individual’s own experiences and perspective. While the lifelike textures and visual depth might suggest a cleverly composed photograph, closer examination of the image often reveals logical paradoxes that could not possibly exist in the real world.

Jay’s work has been featured in art galleries, in books and magazines, and on a wide variety of products from calendars to collectible coins.


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