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Contest Background
The Fractal-Art 2000 Contest is the fourth major annual fractal contest. Contests have been held in 1997, 1998, and 1999, each quite a success, and most everyone enjoyed themselves. As with previous years, all the work is done by volunteers without whom the contest would simply not happen.

The purpose of the contest is fivefold. First, to showcase the current state of the art in fractal imagery. Second, to give everyone a chance to show their best work. Third, to solicit feedback from the general public. Fourth, to challenge fractal artists to explore unfamiliar techniques. And finally, to have lots of fun.

Fractal Background
Fractals are shapes which have similar details at many different sizes. That is, when you look at a small piece of the fractal shape, you see small copies of the overall large fractal shape. There are many different kinds of fractals, and at the heart of fractals is mathematics.

That is not to say that one must understand mathematics in order to produce fractals or even appreciate them. Although fractal art is born of mathematics, it is not enslaved by it; the mathematics, the equations are tools in the hands of artists, a means of self-expression. Some of what we do may have questionable value in the mathematical realm, but undeniable value in the aesthetic realm.



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